Term of the Week: Antecedent

This week Mike and I bring you a short video on the term antecedent. This was a request following last week’s video on Reinforcement/Reinforcers. We hope you’ll like it.

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You can also watch this on YouTube by clicking here.

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  1. Applaud!!! Great explanation of some behaviors that are under stimulus control. I gathered from the examples in the video that a stimulus control develops because a behavior is reinforced in the presence of a particular antecedent stimulus. Therefore time of day can become a discriminative stimulus. Ex. When we (students) start closing our books of fidgeting right before class ends.
    Mike and Liliane you both generate good energy and enthusiasm.

    1. Very good! Another explanation for the fidgeting behavior is CMO (Conditioned Motivating Operation)– but that is a term for another week’s discussion, right?

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