Back from the Future

I had a great time this week at the Association for Behavior Analysis International 42nd Annual Convention in Chicago. The weather was nice and warm, making it easy for people to connect and form new relationships.

It was great to see old friends and speak with the most influential people in the Behavior Science field.  IMG_0900I was particularly happy to see so many presentations related to health care, with topics ranging from Lean Six Sigma, Communication using Team STEPPS, and my own presentation related to enhancing communication during shift change report. It was very inspiring to see other behavior scientists interested in helping decrease medical errors, reduce waste, and create a more positive and compassionate environment.ABA2016

I was excited to hear about Virginia Tech’s work with AC4P (Actively Caring for People), a movement that rewards individuals for going above and beyond to help others—for both mundane tasks, and big feats.  I was very impressed by what they have been able to achieve with their partnership with the police department in Virginia, and I think this is a great model to be implemented in Behavioral Health. The Behavior Web is taking the challenge and showing support by purchasing wrist bands to be distributed to those caught in the act of actively caring for people. Since our mission is to reduce the use of restrictive interventions, the bands will be distributed to those actively making efforts to reach that goal.

Something about connecting with so many professionals using their expertise to create a better world made me think of Skinner and his wish for a society that used behavior science to foster behaviors that benefit growth and human development. I can’t wait to see what we will all accomplish and see you again next year!IMG_0806

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